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The purpose of any business is to create profitable ideas and solutions for the benefit of people and the planet. In order to help businesses create mutual value and become accelerators of a better world, we united our imaginations.

If you come from a value orientated business, driven by human hearts and bright minds, but your results don’t feel big enough, let’s join forces for your sustainable growth.




Together with visionary people and clients, we’ve been steering ships onto clearer waters for decades. We live to concretise good intentions and activate inspiring visions. We stand with brands and companies that see their future business thriving from being on the right side of history.

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands and organisations around the world during our combined fifty some years in branding, communications and marketing and we have been glad to learn that it’s always the sustainable actions, heartfelt experiences, positive cultural shifts, valuable awareness campaigns or life-improving innovations that turn out to be the most famous and rewarding work AND the most profitable business drivers for our clients and their brands.

So we founded United Imaginations – to make sure we can focus on serving our clients with ideas and solutions that can take on individual or societal challenges and create sustainable growth. We are dedicated to healthy values that create value and to using our creativity to serve brands that believe their opportunity to lead positive change is here and now.

Henri is an experienced creative business leader, branding expert and marketing strategist. He has been steering several international brands, global clients and marketing agencies and is a highly recognized advisor in his field. Henri also has years of experience from the client’s side of the business.

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COO/ Head of Communication

Starting from 1.8.2022

Coming from the field of journalism, media and communication, Anu has a strong understanding of societal consciousness and processes. She is experienced in value-based brand building, storytelling and building brand loyalty. Before joining United Imaginations she worked as an Editor-in-Chief at news media Helsingin Sanomat.

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Steve is an experienced innovation leader with a diverse and international background. He has worked for global creative agencies in Helsinki, Amsterdam and Brussels. Steve understands the value of creativity as an organizational asset. His focus is on helping customers thrive in accelerating innovation and sustainability in global markets.

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Known as one of the most luminous creative leaders in Finland, Jyrki has worked with Finland’s biggest brands and several global clients. He’s known for his ability to connect brands with culture, societal conversation and healthy progress. Jyrki’s work has won numerous national and international awards, including several Cannes Lions. In 2021 he was honoured to be among the 100 most creative people in the world by Adweek.

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A picture of the United Imaginations founders, layer 2
A picture of the United Imaginations founders, layer 1

Brand Design

Strategic brand building and new identities for businesses

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Stories
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital & Motion Branding
  • Employer Branding


Marketing PR, Public Affairs and Communication campaigns

  • Communication Strategy
  • PR campaign concepts
  • Internal Communication


Full range of services from Creative concepts to digital marketing

  • Marketing concepts
  • Brand Campaigns
  • Digital & Social Marketing
  • Content Strategy


New solutions for products and services for new growth

  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Partnership Concepts
  • Co-Creative innovation


Good CX that builds your business and brand

  • Brand Experiences
  • CX Concepts
  • UX Design


World-class idea execution

  • Film production
  • Content production
  • Digital production
  • Print production

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Global review 5/5